People claim that they understand love and keep love above everything else but, when times to prove it, they take a step back. All the love and understanding takes the back seat and people start talking about ethics and morals. If you don’t believe us, try booking a room at a hotel, you will get our point.

Generally, hotels, resorts, guest houses shy away from giving rooms to unmarried couples. They often demand the legal documents pertaining to their marriage such as their marriage certificate along with other documents. In the absence of any documents, they do not give rooms to the unmarried couples. The couples face a lot of embarrassment.

We very well understand the plight of the unmarried couple. We understand love and actually keep love above everything else. We understand the fact that love does not need any documentation or registrations. We know that true love exists in hearts and not on marriage certificates.

Welcome to www.pairstay.com ! It is a one stop solution for unmarried couples who are looking for an accommodation away from home. We offer hotel rooms to married & unmarried couples without flooding them with too many questions.

When an unmarried couple plan to take a vacation, they face a dilemma; dilemma not regarding the vacation spot but, regarding booking a hotel. They always come in a fix when they had to take a decision regarding hotel reservations. Hotels shy away from booking rooms for the couples who are unmarried and hence, the unmarried couples had to face a lot of difficulty in finding an accommodation away from home.

Any unmarried couple can log on to our website and book rooms in hotels or lodges. We offer hotel rooms to unmarried couples in the easiest possible manner. We do not demand wedding certificates from the unmarried couples.

To book a hotel room with us, an unmarried couple just has to show their identity proofs. We do not ask for legal certifications of marriage. We respect their love and relationship and hence, do not shy away from offering them our valuable services.

We offer amazing services to the couple who lay their trust on us. We offer them rooms full with all the amenities so that they can enjoy a comfortable stay.

With us, the couples need not worry about uninvited and derogatory questions or remarks. We value love and not legal documents.